Friday, March 14, 2008

Sometimes I get so lazy!

hi Guys,

For the past few weeks i have been working at home in mumbai , on the preproduction of the Second Episode that i am directing and side by side on the composite of the first one.

Working alone is ,in a way peaceful and on the other side a little boring.
So in the free time i was going through some of the artworks i did a long time back. Spending time sketching girls was always fun.

Observing and memorizing imagery is a
way for artists to implement better visuals. All these were done as a part of memory drawing.

Some Female poses:

These ones has a lot of similarity to my chashmish friend -Nishita !!

This the grown-up vamp with the sizzling smoke!!

this card was actually made for my cousin sister Angira whom i always have been seeing as a dreamer for Prince Charming-King of Hearts.

This one was another new year greetings for my cousin Brother Argha for whom this sexy chick might wait.

These are the cute versions of Mumbaiya-fisher women...:-)

Thats all Folks.


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