Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Episodic series...started...:-)

hi everyone,

Sorry for the long gap.
For me ,i just have changed my job.I have left Famous House of animation and am now working as a creative director for a 11 min Episodic Series for children.
So for the time being i am settled in Saltlake,Kolkatta.
Its a nice place with loads of good food...specially the fish.

By the way,as for now that we have a very small team,i did the whole pre production -right from voice casting to auditions to laouts to storyboards.
It was a great experience.

Although its a small team everybody's co-operation level is really helpful.

Lets see...
Hope to finish it soon.


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  1. Hey! All the Best for the new job! Trust me... the fish will help! : )